Fashion Magazines USA List.

Allure New York, NY United States 1991  (beauty magazine) – new hair ideas, makeup looks, skin-care advice, the best beauty products and tips, trends, and more 
BASIC Beverly Hills, CA United States 2016
Cliché Magazine United States 2009 Fashion, music, culture, entertainment
Complex United States New York 2002 News, entertainment, pop culture
Cosmopolitan United States 1886 women’s magazine
Darling (magazine) Los Angeles, California United States – ” the art of being a woman ” – Lifestyle, Beauty, Travel, Self-empowerment, Art 2009
Flaunt Hollywood, Los Angeles, with an office in New York United States 1998 an American fashion and culture magazine
Fashion and New York – online media –
Glamour United States 1939  is a women’s magazine published by Condé Nast Publications.
Harper’s Bazaar New York, NY United States 1867 women’s fashion magazine
InStyle INSTYLE HEADQUARTERS 225 Liberty Street, 7th Floor New York, NY 10281 United States 1993 Fashion Magazine
Lucky United States 2000 The magazine folded in June 2015
No Tofu United States 2007
Nylon – New York, NY United States 1999 multi-platform media company and defunct magazine that focus on pop culture and fashion. Its coverage includes art, beauty, music, design, celebrities, technology and travel.- 394 W Broadway New York, NY 10012 Phone number (212) 226-6454
Nylon Guys United States 2005
Manhattan Fashion Magazine New York, NY United States 2007 Fashion, Jewelry, style, models
PAPER New York, NY United States 1984 New York City-based independent magazine focusing on fashion, popular culture, nightlife, music, art and film.
Seventeen New York, NY United States 1944
Teen Vogue United States 2003
V United States 1999
Vogue United States 1892
Vogue Knitting United States 1932 art and crafts
W United States 1971 Fashion Magazine

Manhattan Fashion Magazine New York USA